Membership Criteria
Eligibility for ordinary Membership of the Association is restricted to former and serving members of the Australian and New Zealand navies.  Submissions are to be made on the membership application form or by the on-line form.  In order for the application to be processed, the printed and mailed form must be signed and dated by the respective applicant.

Membership Fee
The membership fee shall be the sum of $25.00 per annum due following  application approval and  notice, renewed 31st December each year. Please view the pdf file "State Postal Addresses" below for the details of the respective State Division Treasurer. 

Associate Membership
The members declared partner will be an Associate Member (nil fee applies).

Membership Renewal
Those wishing to renew their existing membership may do so by downloading and printing the application form or by using the on-line form. Using the on-line form still requires payment via snail mail to the respective state division Treasurer. If you have changed any of your details, e.g, Email address then please use the On-Line form and submit it as a "Update" so the database can be brought up to date. If you feel we do not have your details on the National database then please complete the form and submit it as "Update". It is important that you help us maintain the database so as we do not lose contact.

  Click here - Membership/Renewal/Update - On-Line Form

 Click Here - Download and print the Membership/Renewal/Update Form
  (Hint - To download file - right click Icon, left click "Save Target As")

Membership Form will print on 1 x A4 sheet of paper.
Please note that new applications, renewals and update utilise the same form.

Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view this file.


State Postal Addresses
Membership is administered by the State Divisions (New Zealand applicants may register with any State).  Please forward your application together with payment to the respective State Treasurer.

 Click Here - View the current State Postal addresses

File is PDF format (Adobe); if unable to view click here to download a FREE reader

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