My Navy' 1940/50s RAN sailor's verse styled on MacKellar's M

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My Navy' 1940/50s RAN sailor's verse styled on MacKellar's M

Postby ColinS » Wed Jun 14, 2017 3:47 pm

My Navy
With apologies to Dorothea Mackellar

The love of beer and women, of wine and song and dance,
Of racehorses and stables just holds you in a trance
Strong love of pints of liquor and dolls with flirty eyes
I know but cannot share it: My love is otherwise.
I love a modern cruiser, with six or eight inch guns
Or even a destroyer, manned by Australia’s sons
I love a trip to Hobart or even Trincomalee
To Pompey or to Kure, this is the life for me.
The dark and light grey outlines, all tragic to the moon
The semaphore, the bunting, the lovely meal at noon
A cosy little bunk where I can sleep at will
A spacious bridge to sunbake on, and a sickbay when I’m ill
Core of my heart the Navy, Best in the whole wide world
What greater joy than to salute the white Ensign unfurled
Core of my heart the Navy, land of the rainbow gold
Through Stoppage and Number 10 she pays us back threefold
Over the Pay Bob’s table watch after many years
The great reward for all your toil, and sweat, and work, and tears
And when your twelve is finished, you’re free to join once more
To serve another five at sea or even on the shore
An open hearted Navy with wilful lavish hand
All you who have not loved her, you will not understand
Though Earth holds many splendours, wherever I may die
I know to what great Navy, my loving thoughts will fly

Penned by an anonymous Australian sailor in the late 1940’s or early 1950’s
Reproduced from a copy typed on signal paper found amongst the effects of the late
Signalman Donald PALLISTER, 29328
Enlisted April 1960 DEE April 1969 L/Ck R56992 Cerberus, Penguin, Quickmatch,Abatrossx2,Gascoyne,Kimbla, Kuttabul x3 (old,new & wardroom), Melbournex2 (ships company & admirals straff) Archer whilst in RANR.
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