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Health Worries - Lea & Rick Avey

PostPosted: Sat Jul 21, 2018 9:56 am
by phpadmin
Rick & Lea Avey (FESR nomads currently in Tassie)
Health worries and concerns - This is a copy of the emails sent by Rick and Lea and posted here by Les (Webmaster)
July 15 - 2018
Four weeks ago we went to Launceston to have a routine CT Scan of Lea’s brain. The radiologist flew into a tizz and decided that she needed to have an urgent MRI right then and there. You can imagine the state we were in! Lots of why’s, but couldn’t get anything out of the radiologist other than they found something strange and wanted further investigation. By the time we got home that night, we were ready to scream in frustration!! Apparently a radiologist does not explain to a mere patient just what they are seeing on scans. Strange really doesn’t cut it, when talking about a persons brain.

The doctor phoned the following day to explain that the scans had shown some sort of anomaly or mark on the white matter in Lea’s brain (???), and that she felt it needed to be followed up by a Neurologist. OK – still didn’t know what was happening!

After making a phone call to the RHH, it seemed the referral process to see someone could take up to a couple of months, so we both got ourselves together and managed to put the matter to the back of the mind.

Imagine our shock when we received a phone call on 18/6 (yes – after less than 2 weeks) to say that a neurologist wanted Lea in Royal Hobart Hospital to run tests the following day! That was qualified by the fact that they may not be able to find a bed, but it would happen as soon as possible, possibly the following day!

So, we threw a few things in the van, and hit the road. Arrived in Hobart on 19/6 and was admitted the following day. Initially we were told probably 1 night stay, then it became possibly 3,4,5 days – depending on the history and tests that were needed. And we were still in the dark as to what was suspected!

After some fairly intensive testing, including cognitive tests, blood tests and a lumbar puncture, we were no further forward. Lea passed all the tests with flying colours, and is showing no symptoms other than little bits of vagueness and memory loss (pretty normal for her age), so the Docs have drawn a complete blank. She now has an appointment in Hobart on 13 August for another MRI (for comparison purposes), then see’s the Neuro specialist on 23 August.

To say that we are confused is putting it mildly. Lea doesn’t feel as if there is anything wrong, but the MRI results were seriously weird. Having said that, they may be completely normal as well. Guess we just hang in there and wait!

Rick and Lea

Re: Health Worries

PostPosted: Sat Jul 21, 2018 10:01 am
by phpadmin
The following is a email reply to all from Lea and Rick Avey on 20 July 2018

Thank you all for your love, support and kind thoughts as we wait for my next appointment with the Head Doctor. I know you have all been through your own trials, and understand just how frustrating unknown medical issues can be - the waiting is indeed difficult.

Despite all we hear about the medical establishment in Tasmania, I must congratulate the staff at Royal Hobart Hospital however, as they deal with some of the most confusing and awkward situations with humour and compassion.

Whatever happens over the next few months, Rick and I will attempt to keep our sense of humour intact and our friends and family close.

Lots of love
Lea and Rick