Frank Fox

This is to assist the Welfare people in their important role. When you know or hear of others with medical problems or confined to hospital then enter brief info here if their is no objections by the person involved or their family.

Frank Fox

Postby phpadmin » Fri Feb 05, 2016 10:10 am

Frank (Foxy) Fox

A very old and long time mate of mine "Frank" has contracted a serious illness.
Frank and I joined pussers on the same intake in Brisbane in June 20 - 1958 and traveled to Melbourne, then Cerberus with a stop over in Sydney for most of a day. That stop in Sydney was one I will never forget. Frank's father was a good friend of Glendinning and so we made our way to the Naval Tailor and thence over to the pub across the road.
Me never ever having had any alcohol in my life to this date was a little hesitant at trying a Sydney schooner. Well the outcome of it (there beers later) was with Foxy helping me back to the railway station after saying good bye to Glendinning. The short story is Frank and a mate propped me between them at the muster at the Railway station in Sydney so as I would not lose balance and fall over. Luck was on our side and we finally boarded the train bound for Melbourne.

Over time we lost contact and then renewed that and Frank eventually joined the FESR Association in Brisbane where he has been the recipient of many emails as well as me with emails from frank.

I received a very an email from Frank a few days ago and was very saddened to hear the following news. I thought about this and decided to quote Franks email in full below not knowing if he will be Ok by it.

"I'm off to Vietnam next Friday for a couple of weeks. I've Made a few friends among the locals in a small inland town in the past and now, I have terminal SC lung cancer so I thought I'd like to see them one last time. I'll be back in March and after that...........I tell people that I'm like the bloke who fell out of the plane................half way far so good.

When the statue is erected maybe you could send Judith an email and let her know the precise location.

Mind you, I'm not counting the days or anything like that and I'm quite Ok. With the final outcome.

Will look forward to your continued emails when I get back".

I wish an old mate the very best for now and have always enjoyed receiving his emails (many not for the younger eyes) but great for me as I have passed many along to others.

Enjoy your trip to Vietnam and look forward to a long overdue BBQ catchup on your return


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